Meatless Monday CurryIn my household we try have at least three days a week where we go completely meatless. It is us doing our part in softening the blow that our environment endures with the food industry. I use these days as an opportunity to absolutely PACK veggies into each meal, often using the last bits of veggies left before going for a big shop. You really can add any vegetables to this curry.
Ravishing Roast Radish Bruschetta’sDo you have bread that looks a little "tired"? Do you love quick and easy snacks? These pretty and delicious little bruschetta's are a real hit! Potassium Packed Radishes are incredibly great for fighting inflammation and blood purifying. The spicy aftertaste of the radish is beautifully complimented with the mustard. Go on, give it a bash!
The “3 C’s” Carrot-Cake CrumpetsDiving into these protein rich, nutrient dense crumpets in the morning will leave you feeling satisfiedly full AND totally guilt free. With the organic carrots from the farm, the fresh local yoghurt to the powdered flaxseeds, these crumpets will leave your body smiling. Good Carbs and Good Sugars are not bad for you and hey, who doesn't love a little bit of sweetness in the morning!? I certainly do.
The Beet BowlThis bowl is the best combination of comfort and nutrition, loaded with protein from the chickpeas, anti-oxidants and fibre from the veg and brown rice. The Green Beans provide a wonderful crunch and sweetness, while the tender roasted beets add a deep earthy flavour to the hummus and the bold colours will entice your senses even more! This recipe ticks all the boxes.
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