Fynbos Honey 500g


The Gardener’s Friend Honey is delicious Fynbos Honey, a sweet treat for you from a neighbouring farm.

Our Honey is non-irradiated honey. This means that it has not undergone the process of ionizing radiation. Food irradiation exposes foods to radiant energy to kill insects and bacteria and possible food-borne pathogens, to increase shelf life and kill any possible bacteria. The process of irradiation does kill harmful bacteria, but it also destroys the good bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to your health.

Our honey is naturally extracted and strained from the beehive and handled with care (not heated above 47°C). It is choice grade honey packed full of antioxidants, vital enzymes, yeasts and immune-boosting qualities. It promotes good digestive health (because of the natural bacteria) and is high in nutritional value.

Did you know that honey may also aid upper respiratory tract infections and heal wounds? We know how valuable the bees are and on the Du Bois farm, they are treated as friends and with lots of respect!

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