Carrots 500g


Move aside apples.. You need a Carrot a Day!

Carrots are highly underestimated in their value for your health. Carrots have a wealth of antioxidants and offer numerous health benefits. Probably one of the best-known superpowers is that carrots are good for your eyes. It is because of the beta-carotene found in carrots. This gets transformed into vitamin A, and it is vitamin A that protects your eyes.

Antioxidants have been proven to fight off harmful free radicals in your body, which improves immune function and reduces the risk of many illnesses. Apart from these obvious benefits, carrots are also good for your heart! The potassium in carrots can help keep your blood pressure in check. Carrots are also loaded with fibre, which can lower blood sugar levels by slowing down your digestion of sugar and starch and are great for feeding the friendly bacteria in your gut.

The question is though, other than the regular carrot salad what can you do with them?

The Gardener’s wife loves her carrots, and she will even serve them for breakfast! Below are a few ideas for the carrot (un)enthusiast.

  1. Roasted Carrots & Turnips with Honey
  2. Carrot “Fettuccine” with Lemon & Parsley Butter Sauce.
  3. Carrot and Fennel Smoothie.
  4. Roasted Carrot and Basil Pesto Soup.
  5. Pickled Kohlrabi and Carrots.
  6. Orange-Scented Carrot Soup.
  7. Carrot & Broad Bean Puree.

A fun fact about carrots: Cooked carrots actually have more beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that gets converted to vitamin A in your body.

Keep the carrots in the fridge.

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