Bhutan Chilli Peppers Green (Mild) 3-pack


Despite their burning taste, chilli peppers have long been considered a healthy spice. Chillies can benefit the digestive system, promote heart health, lessens migraines, relieves joint pain, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss, fights flu, colds and even fungal infections. These chillies are something special to observe as they grow on the farm, first, they are green, then they go black, and finally a luscious red colour.

You can roast them, toast them, grind into pastes, dice into salsas, add extra spice to your curry. The uses of the chilli pepper are endless!
Even though we do like them hot on the farm, we are probably not quite as brave as the Bhutanese. Their national dish is a stew made from equal parts chilli peppers and soft cheese, along with onions and tomatoes – ema datshi. They eat this with every meal breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Keep them in a cool dark place.

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